Time for Inspections
Once you have a contract, you need to get inspections done in a timely matter. It's recommended to have a termite, property and roof inspection at a minimum. Condition, location, type, personal knowledge and other factors should dictate to you what other inspections to order. Inspections can save you money and prevent you from making a poor investment.
Your real estate agent can help arrange the different inspections you want.

Types of Inspections
Termite, roof, property, pool, spa, chimney, geological, wells, septic, radon, lead, asbestos, structural engineering are a number that could be recommended.

Termite Vs. Property Inspections
These distinct inspections require different skills. The industries are quite dissimilar. For example, termite inspectors estimate the cost to cure Section I and II type work and usually solicit contracts for the corrective work. Property inspection firms don't perform corrective work. The purposes of termite reports and property inspection reports are not compatible and should not be combined.

Termite Inspection
Most lenders require a termite clearance and most buyers want to know the house they purchase is going to be free from infestation. A termite report covers two areas of concern called "sections". Section I is concerned with actual termite or beetle infestation and dry-rot, caused by moisture. Examples: Termites in joists and studs. Dry rot (spongy floor) around the base of a toilet. Section II concerns itself with preventive measures that could lead to Section I type condition.
Examples: Dirt or wood in contact with wooden structures of the house, allowing termites access. A slow plumbing leak that could lead to dry-rot.

Property Inspection
Along with termite inspections, property inspections are commonly ordered. Property inspections differ from termite inspections in that they concern themselves with the mechanical and structural health of a property. The inspection includes a review of all major components from the foundation to the roof, including electrical, plumbing and heating systems. Even if the house looks in good condition, the purpose of a property inspection report is to evaluate the hidden components most home buyers cannot properly judge. Property inspectors typically are trained or have years of experience in the construction related industries. They know what looks right or wrong - what looks code complying - what looks dangerous. Having a property inspection is like taking a car to a mechanic to check before you buy. A house investment is much larger making the inspection more prudent.

Value of Being at Inspections
This is your opportunity to "check under the hood" of your new home. Schedule inspections for the same day to utilize your time off. Now is the best time to find where and how to turn off the "mains" to any gas, water and electrical supply to the house in case of an emergency. The inspector can answer questions on the items that are addressed in the report so you will better understand it.

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